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WatchOS apps keep crashing when running on hardware

Edin_KEdin_K SEMember

have been running on Xamarin.iOS version 13.2 for quite some time and have a pretty basic Apple Watch app which was working very smoothly until I did an update to the latest Xamarin.iOS 13.14 version. Suddenly my watch app, and as a matter of fact all sample watch apps, keep crashing on start. In simulator everything's working as expected. Does anyone else experience something similar?
This is my configuration:
Visual Studio Enterprise 2019 for Mac
Version 8.5 (build 3183)
Mono Framework MDK
Mono (2019-10/1d0d939dc30) (64-bit)
Package version: 608000123
Version: (Visual Studio Enterprise)

iPhone 11 Pro Max with iOS 13.4
Apple Watch S4 with WatchOS 6.1

This is the log I was able to pull out from the test watch app:

Thread 0 name: tid_407 Dispatch queue:
Thread 0 Crashed:
0 libsystem_kernel.dylib 0x21450c70 __pthread_kill + 8
1 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x214cd980 pthread_kill + 220
2 libsystem_c.dylib 0x213a46f4 abort + 100
3 ...CSessionAppWatchOSExtension 0x04ace56c print_callback(char const*, int) + 6137196 (runtime.m:1218)
4 ...CSessionAppWatchOSExtension 0x04ac56e8 monoeg_g_logv_nofree + 6100712 (goutput.c:150)
5 ...CSessionAppWatchOSExtension 0x04ac5738 monoeg_g_log + 6100792 (goutput.c:165)
6 ...CSessionAppWatchOSExtension 0x04ab7c4c mono_threads_transition_do_blocking + 6044748 (mono-threads-state-machine.c:725)
7 ...CSessionAppWatchOSExtension 0x04ab5648 mono_threads_enter_gc_safe_region_unbalanced_with_info + 6035016 (mono-threads-coop.c:324)
8 ...CSessionAppWatchOSExtension 0x04a20674 mono_gc_pthread_create + 5424756 (sgen-mono.c:2432)
9 ...CSessionAppWatchOSExtension 0x04ab6aa4 mono_thread_platform_create_thread + 6040228 (mono-threads-posix.c:101)
10 ...CSessionAppWatchOSExtension 0x04a43edc create_thread + 5570268 (threads.c:1384)
11 ...CSessionAppWatchOSExtension 0x04a4397c mono_thread_create_internal + 5568892 (threads.c:1474)
12 ...CSessionAppWatchOSExtension 0x0499a098 mono_gc_init_finalizer_thread + 4874392 (gc.c:1002)
13 ...CSessionAppWatchOSExtension 0x04ad55ac -[XamarinGCSupport init] + 6165932 (monotouch-main.m:199)
14 ...CSessionAppWatchOSExtension 0x04ad5984 xamarin_main + 6166916 (monotouch-main.m:462)
15 ...CSessionAppWatchOSExtension 0x044fc504 xamarin_watchextension_main + 34052 (main.m:47)
16 libdyld.dylib


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