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BlinkID Implementation using Xamarin.Forms in an iOS Project.

toyinstoyins USMember ✭✭✭

I tried implementing the BlinkID using Xamarin.Forms. However when I run the a project from iOS, it generates an error.
I did set the Linker behavior to "Link All".
When I comment out the initialization code for BlinkID in FinishedLaunching it compiles.
Code below

public override bool FinishedLaunching(UIApplication app, NSDictionary options)



        LoadApplication(new App());

        return base.FinishedLaunching(app, options);

It works well in Android but not in iOS.

The error message I get talks about MTouch, when I uncomment this line Xamarin.Forms.DependencyService.Register<Microblink.Forms.iOS.MicroblinkScannerFactoryImplementation>();
Any Ideas anyone?


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