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Sensor quality of devices

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I have been building an app that uses sensors and device orientation. On iPhone 6 the sensors (magnetometer, gyroscope and accelerometer) produces stabile results. On a newly bought Samsung Galaxy A20e api 28 - i'ts far too unstable too pass the requirements of the app. Prior to buying the phone I had trouble even finding an Android phone with the three mentioned sensors. My own Lenovo B api 24 and a samsung api 26 borrowed from a friend did not have them. Since iPhone 6 is from 2014 I thought more or less everyone was equipped with sufficient sensors today.

Currently it seems I can never release the app on Android

What is your experience when using the sensors on Android and iOS? How can I guarantee myself the app will work on most Android devices?


  • LeloLelo Member ✭✭✭
    edited March 2020

    When using Xamarin.Essentials OrientationSensor which uses RotationVector on Android instead of the three earlier mentioned sensors - I get jumpy results. Which is not present on iPhone6. The jumpiness means that the objects that is represented by quaternions in my app suddenly shifts with 30 deg away and the back again, every 10 -15 seconds.

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