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Urhosharp Status/ Support

What is the status of Urhosharp as a component maintained by Microsoft? I'm aware that this is simply a Binding of the original c++ Urho3d engine, but the last urhosharp nuget update seems to have been more than a year ago.

Im at the beginning of a new project which requires a 3D visualization, and id love to use urhosharp for this, but am uncertain as to it's future. What are the current plans for supporting urhosharp? If and when Urho3d 1.8 is released will urhosharp follow?



  • jddjdd USMember ✭✭✭

    I have started a project with Urhosharp. I find some support on urho3d forums but I am very worried about the future of Urhosharp. There are no news from the project on this forum for months...
    I wonder what is the best 3D solution with Xamarin:

    • urhosharp
    • monogame
    • Xamarin openTK (which is coming from an old fork of openTK)?
  • btschumybtschumy Member ✭✭

    I have just today given up on UrhoSharp. I have run into too many problems and lack of decent documentation. I contacted Microsoft about its status and they confirmed the project was no longer being developed/maintained.

    I am looking for alternatives. The only viable option I see is the "rbfx" fork of Urho3D which is in the process of adding C# bindings. It is still unclear how it will fit in with a Xamarin Forms app.

    If anyone knows of a viable alternative, I'm all ears.

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