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Compilation can't be completed because some library classes are missing. File=R8

I just update Visual Studio for Mac as usual. Once updated, I can't run the project anymore as it shows an error that some library classes are missing. You may refer to the image below to see what I have updated today.

In the error application output, it said the file is R8. It has no respond when I double clicked on the error which I just want to dig deeper into the the error. I never seen the file called R8 before. What is that? Besides, the project which caused the error is MyProject.Droid. And the path is R8 as well. It just give me an error like this, how am I going to know which library is missing? Image below shows my reference in Android is all good without error.

And here is how the error looks like.

Please help. Thanks.

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  • juliocanelonjuliocanelon Member

    Thank you matrixlukan, I was about all the day trying to run in release mode. Your answere is correct

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