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Is it possible to open the same window multiple times?

RobAlemRobAlem Member ✭✭

I'm trying to develop an app with Xamarin on macOs and I want to display the same window on all connected displays/monitors at the same time.
The code below kind of displays what I'm trying to accomplish. However, I'm only able to get one window showing. I know why the code below doesn't get me the desired result, but that's not my problem. **I just want to know if what I'm trying to accomplish is even possible. **

public class AppDelegate : FormsApplicationDelegate
    public override NSWindow MainWindow => window;
    private NSWindow window;
    private List<NSScreen> screens = new List<NSScreen>(NSScreen.Screens);

    public AppDelegate()
        var style = NSWindowStyle.Borderless;
        foreach (var screen in screens)
            var x = screen.VisibleFrame.GetMaxX();
            var y = screen.VisibleFrame.GetMaxY();
            var rect = new CGRect(x - 320, y - 220, 300, 200);
            window = new NSWindow(rect, style, NSBackingStore.Buffered, false);
            window.Level = NSWindowLevel.ScreenSaver;

    public override void DidFinishLaunching(NSNotification notification)
        LoadApplication(new App()); //App.cs and App.xaml are located in a different project
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