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Creating a binding for TensorFlowLite for xamarin ios does not work

SamosrfistSamosrfist Member ✭✭


I am trying to make a "binding objc for xamarin ios" with the documentation of xamarin ( to have the TensorFlowLite library on xamarin iOS (git:

I manage to create the static library with the source code and have it compiled. So I get the FAT binary.
But on the other hand when I want to create the files "ApiDefinition.cs" and "StructsAndEnum.cs" with "sharpie bind", it works but I have a lot of error in the files:

Call of a method with a void parameter:
static extern unsafe TfLiteStatus TfLiteTensorCopyFromBuffer (TfLiteTensor * tensor, void * input_data, nuint input_data_size);

I could see it in the source code that it is indeed the case:
TFL_CAPI_EXPORT extern TfLiteStatus TfLiteTensorCopyFromBuffer (TfLiteTensor * tensor, const void * input_data, size_t input_data_size);

Has anyone ever had the same problem? How can I fix it?

Thank you

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