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Adding Connected Services/Web References with WSDL web service

How, for the love of god, can I add WSDL classes to Xamarin.forms/Xamarin.ios project?!
MonoTouch error (dynamic proxy classes) keeps popping up when trying to use WCF, which works with Android in the same Xamarin.Forms project.
So my idea was to try to use the code created in a Xamarin.forms project and re-use it in Xamarin.ios project.
But no amount of google searching is sorting this. No instruction besides the Windows Documentation that, when followed, does not give expected results.
How to use/import a WSDL URL to a Xamarin.forms/Xamarin.ios project ?!


  • SrbaSrba Member ✭✭

    No updates to this issue?
    Is it impossible to import SOAP into iOS project?

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