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Xamarin.Forms app bug when re-open page using Prism

AndresQuiValAndresQuiVal Member ✭✭
edited March 2020 in General

I've been working for a loteria aplication (mexican game), the bug consists that when I reopen the page the UI does not responds to the viewModel actions. I'm using Prism.Unity.Forms, the application uses concepts such as Device.StartTimer() for every x time pick randomly the card of the deck, other thing that my app uses is MessagingCenter for sending messages from the ViewModel to the View for updating the board of the user (changing the background color of the imageButton that contains the card in which the user pick), and I suppose one of those things are giving me the "bug", finally important fact: when I leave the page, the app takes more time to go again to the page and execute the logic related to its viewmodel, does anyone can guide me through knowing what problem do I'm facing?

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