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Not able to show svg images in Xamarin.forms shell iOS in flyoutitem (FFImageLoading)

RakeshKumarKhandelwalRakeshKumarKhandelwal INMember ✭✭
edited March 6 in Xamarin.Forms

We are using FFImageLoading to show svg image in Xamarin.Forms Shell app. Its working in android perfectly. In iOS, SVG images are not visible in FlyoutItem and Bottom tab.

iOS behavior -

  1. If I use png image instead of svg then it is visible.
  2. I have created converter and usage it as below -
    < ShellContent Title="Test" Icon="{Binding Source=img.svg, Converter={StaticResource Key=convertsvg}, ConverterParameter={StaticResource IntHeight}}" />

  3. I have tried using < ffimageloadingsvg:SvgCachedImage Source="img.svg" HeightRequest="30" Aspect="AspectFit" /> but not succeed.

  4. In the same project, I am using FFImageLoading in ContentView then there its showing the svg image.

Can anyone help me, how I can use svg in iOS for FlyoutItem? Please help to create custom renderer if it can be achieved using custom renderer?

Thanks in advance.



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