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Upload image Laravel POST Error on response body

MaaaxMaaax Member
edited March 2020 in Xamarin.Forms

Hello guys,
If I upload over Insomnia an image to my Laravel application everything is ok and I get following log :

[2020-03-04 05:26:39] local.DEBUG: array (
  'image' => 
     'test' => false,
     'originalName' => 'Screenshot_1583210368.png',
     'mimeType' => 'image/png',
     'error' => 0,
     'hashName' => NULL,

But if I upload an image on android emulator the log file in Laravel looks like (1000+ lines) :


This is my Xamarin Function :
public async Task<string> uploadImage(Stream stream)
            using (var client = new HttpClient())

                var content = new MultipartFormDataContent();

                content.Add(new StreamContent(stream),"image");

                client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Authorization = new AuthenticationHeaderValue("Bearer", (Application.Current.Properties["access_token"].ToString()));

                var result = await client.PostAsync("", content);

                return "";
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