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Is there an alternative to Easy Tables in Azure App Services

blmilesblmiles Member ✭✭


Easy Tables provided a portal experience for Node developers to create and manage their tables, their schema, and appropriate permissions. Easy Tables and Easy APIs, along with the Mobile menu in the Azure portal have been removed as of November 11, 2019.

Why? WHY??!

Nevertheless, is there any documentation guidance deploying that functionality now?
I am NOT a Node.js developer and used Easy Tables purely to facilitate a data sync functionality.

I have a proto-typed Xamarin Forms app with an Azure backend (created using Easy Tables about 5 months ago). All data sync'ing works like a charm!

I'd like to duplicate or recreate that Node.js backend environment into Dev, Test, Staging and Prod environments.

Can someone offer any guidance on this?
Is there a similar sync mechanism available using a .Net backend?
If so, is there any documentation on this?

Thank You

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