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How to force keyboard to be shown without any editable control?

WellAUsernameWellAUsername Member
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I have a xamarin app which uses a canvas for graphics rendering (I am using a custom renderer of SkiaSharps's SKCanvasViewRenderer in case it matters). I need to show a (soft) keyboard, so that the user can interact with the canvas.

There is no editable textbox or something, so I dont know how to archive this.
On Android it was quite easy using this answer, but i couldnt find any working solution for iOS.

Can someone help me?


  • ColeXColeX Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Check the article talking about keyboard in apple official documentation .

    Search the keywords Displaying the Keyboard m, you can find the following sentences.

    Because the keyboard is displayed automatically when a view becomes the first responder, you often do not need to do anything to display it. However, you can programmatically display the keyboard for an editable text view by calling that view’s becomeFirstResponder method.

    It seems we can't show keyboard programmatically without editable control, we can instantiate a editable control with a frame that makes it invisible , and call becomeFirstResponder to show the keyboard.


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