What are the distribution options for inhouse app with less employees?

We have developed an app that works fine in Android and iOS and we tried to distribute in App store for one our customer. Since it is an in house usage app, Apple rejected it.

Our customer has less than 80 employees. So they are NOT eligible to purchase enterprise license for in house distribution either (so we purchased developer license).

Currently we deployed the app for users (only 20 users) using Adhoc method (connected the device in mac to deploy).

But they want to put the app in a centralized place where new users can download it and install it in their phone without connecting the device to mac (they need us on site to do it).

What are our options?
What is the apple business manager? will that help us?

Appreciate your help.



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    Hello @SrikrishnanSenthil, You can make use of Microsofts App Center, its used to distribute Test apps. This will allow you to give access only to the employees of that employer through the App Center and they can download the "Test"-version there.

    The downsides of this:
    1. You dont get the analytics from the App stores.
    2. The users need to download or link to AppCenter and make a profile for microsoft to access it.
    3. All users have to manually update every time, there is no automated system on the phone that can update their apps from the test center.
    4. Additionally Apple only allows for 100 test devices (last i checked) pr. signing certificate, this effectively means you can have a maximum of 100 devices using the app. For apple you need to add each Test device (user) to the signing certificate, which means you'd have to update the app by signing it with an updated certificate (at least for iOS) every time a new user needs access or a old user changes iOS device (new phone).

    1. You dont have to update the version number every time you need to update the app.
    2. If you update the app and release the update on App Center the users have instant access to the app update and can download it, no need to wait for Apple app store to accept the build.

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    Thanks for the response. But it sees the MS app center is not free. Are there any other option?

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