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What Are All the Ways an Objective-C Tor.framework Binding May Silently Fail?

I've been trying to connect to the onion network via iOS for quite a few months by creating a native binding library for the objective-c (GitHub) iCepa/Tor.framework used by many iOS apps (like Onion Browser, Blockstream Green, or Casa). The fat binary compiles, I've been able to construct a binding using sharpie, and even and run into my test project, but the TORController doesn't to write a cookie to the specified DataDir for success test and just hangs with no response from the library for the fail test. The tests I wrote are translated from the Tor.framework's only tests
(GitHub /iCepa/Tor.framework/master/Tests/TORControllerTests.m) written in objective-c.

Both the binding and tests source can be found here: GitHub /DanGould/Xamarin.iOS.Tor

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've tried changing the bindings, ensuring my directories are set right and I don't know at all how to proceed.


  • ColeXColeX Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Can you test in native ios project to check if the frameowork works properly ?

    Just create a blank project in Xcode and add the frameowork inside it , if it works in native iOS , it should be able to work in Xamarin.iOS .

  • DanGouldDanGould Member

    @ColeX said:
    Can you test in native ios project to check if the frameowork works properly ?

    Yes, I have done this and successfully launched the Tor process from a minnimum objective-c project.

    I'm stuck as to how to connect the debugging worlds of Xamarin.iOS and objective-c, as this is where my issue is. Once a command is issued to my binding, I can't follow it into the framework to see what's actually failing. Does anyone use lldb or some other debug method?

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