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Breaking changes in VS2019 vs VS2017

frankmefrankme Member ✭✭


after switching to vs2019, my apk is suddenly 25MB instead of 23MB (same code, same targetframework 9.0, aot, but not enabled any new VS2019 features like r8/d8/aab)

The users complained after the update:

  • Widget showed "problem loading widget", app is no longer installed. After reboot and recreating the widget, it worked again.
  • Errors like: The operation was canceled at System.Net.Http.HttpClient.HandleFinishSendAsyncError (System.Exception e, System.Threading.CancellationTokenSource cts) and other different behaviour of HTTPClient.

I did: archive, then distribute adhoc, sign with same key and manual upload to the store. Is there a breaking change in the signing in vs2019 (I see differences in the rsa-file of the unzipped apk)? The unzipped apk also seems rather different when creating it with vs2019 instead of vs2017.

I didn't find anything in the devicelog. Anyone an idea what is wrong and how I can debug it?

And how long is vs2017 supported?

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