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Reuse Bundle Identifier


My client has an existing mobile application, it was created using react native for cross-platform.
Since my client doesn't have any source code to continue the existing app to add new features and to improve it, he decided to recreate it using Xamarin Forms. The existing app has several active users, The existing app was using com.flyingmonkey Bundle Identifier for example.

Now I already finish cloning the existing app and we want to submit it to apple to bring it under test flight so that my client from another country can test it as well as his team can see it and present it to there head before we proceed to add new features.

Now my question, Can I reuse the Bundle Identifier (com.flyingmonkey) on my newly created and submit it to the apple?


  • batmacibatmaci DEMember ✭✭✭✭✭

    I think that it shouldn't be problem whether you create using react native or xamarin or swift. Eventually you produce an Ipa file and thats what it matters. So why not. did you see an issue?

  • GraverobberGraverobber Member ✭✭✭
    edited February 17

    I don't see an issue with that as long as you use the correct/same signing certificates an update should work well.

    Only thing from my experience is to test very well the update process to your new Xamarin version.
    If for example the old app stored stuff in the local preferences it relies on, then your Xamarin version should read and use them correctly as well. The enduser doesn't care that you switched the technology behind the app and is fast in rating your app badly just because of some inconvenience the new update brings.
    (For example, the user created a local shopping list or something that with the new update is suddenly gone! Boi will he be mad)

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