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I'have a theoretical question. Is it possible to define some BindableProperties and cascade their values? I think about something like this:
You define three BindableProperties. If the user just set one the two others should have a value of the first as default value. If he sets all values every property should have its own value.

I have not found any solution of how to set the default value to return another property. Is it even possible?


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  • FlorianKrieglFlorianKriegl ATMember ✭✭✭

    @LandLu thanks for the answer!
    Unfortunately, I think it's not a suitable solution for my case.. I want to link several color bindables. So if the user sets only the text color the border color and title color should be the same otherwise individual colors. I would be able to solve this with your provided solution but I think it's not that convenient to use. The user does not know which color is for which case. I think I stay with multiple binding even when it's more work for the user to specify each color separately.

    Nevertheless, I will mark your answer as a solution because it works!

    Thanks :)

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