SelectionChangedCommand issue on CollectionView

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Well, I was excited to use this command on the CollectionView but either I am using it wrong, or it doesn't work:

<CollectionView ItemsSource="{Binding FeaturedHubs}" SelectionMode="Single" SelectionChangedCommand="{Binding HubTappedCommand}">

And then in the ViewModel I have the Prism command:

        private DelegateCommand<object> _hubTappedCommand;
        public DelegateCommand<object> HubTappedCommand =>
            _hubTappedCommand ?? (_hubTappedCommand = new DelegateCommand<object>(ExecuteHubTappedCommand));

However, that ExecuteHubTappedCommand command never fires. What am I missing? This is in android, i haven't tested iOS.

I can use the TapGestureRecognizer in the ItemTemplatee, but it would be really nice if the SelectionChangedCommand worked.

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  • stesvisstesvis USMember ✭✭✭

    Thanks @LandLu I think the difference is the SelectionChangedCommandParameter.
    I was not defining it, expecting to just receive an object, but instead it did not execute the command at all.

    After adding the SelectionChangedCommandParameter it fires correctly.

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