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ContentView temporarily visible when IsVisible=false

Using Xamarin.Forms 4.4

I have a ContentView inside a ContentPage in order to show some info when needed, like in XAML code below:

    <Grid AbsoluteLayout.LayoutBounds="0, 0, 1, 1" 
            <RowDefinition Height="*"/>

        <Label Grid.Row="0"

    <ContentView AbsoluteLayout.LayoutBounds="0, 0, 1, 1"
                 IsVisible="{Binding IsContentViewVisible}"
                 BackgroundColor="{StaticResource OverlayColor}">
        <Label Text="In content view"/>

The IsVisible property of the ContentView is bound to a property which initially is set to false.
Sometimes when I navigate to that ContentPage, the ContentView is visible for a split second and then returns to the state that it should (IsVisible=false)

I’m running the app on an iPad. I have different views for Portrait and Landscape but the main structure of the view remains the same.
When I turn the iPad from portrait to Landscape and vise versa, them the ContentView is also visible for a split second and then returns to the state that it should (IsVisible=false)
The property in my ViewModel doesn’t change from false to true at any given time

Is there a solution to this problem? Am I doing it wrongly? Is there another way to handle the visibility of the ContentView?

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  • JoeMankeJoeManke USMember ✭✭✭✭✭

    When are you setting the BindingContext of the view/page relative to the InitializeComponent() method?

  • DimitrisMylonasDimitrisMylonas USMember ✭✭

    I'm using Prism so the the setting of the BindingContext is handled by Prism

  • DimitrisMylonasDimitrisMylonas USMember ✭✭


    First of all, your suggestion worked for me. I have the following code for the property that controls the visibility and I thought that since the _isContentViewVisible is set to false then I wouldn't have an issue.

    public bool IsContentViewVisible
        get => _isContentViewVisible;
        set => SetProperty(ref _isContentViewVisible, value);
    private bool _isContentViewVisible = false;

    So I wasn't explicitly setting the IsContentViewVisible to false. Seems that setting this property explicitly to false in the constructor, solved the issue.


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