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Binding the Swift library ATInternet to an iOS project


I'm creating a new App with Xamarin Forms and I'm trying to integrate ATInternet Library to it. I have no problem with Android but on iOS I'm very frustrated. I follow a guide I found in "Binding Swift Libraries Xamarin.iOS".
I build for release the project I obtain from GitHub for Device and Simulator, create a fat library, import the library and generate with sharpie the ApiDefinitions and Structs files. But the ApiDefinitions.cs and Structs.cs files are full of errors.

I put the @objc directive to ATInternet but I'm no sure if I have to do it in all library classes and enums. I have to update all ATInternet library classes to make it Objective-C compatible???

Any one can help me?

I attached the Binding Project and the Library framework
Thank you.

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