Xamarin android : Updateable apk - while installing new version of same app cuases signature error

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I am facing issue like -

Let's say i have 1 app published
People installs it
New update needed
I re build new apk of same app with little change or major change
I r-publish the apk

User downloads it - tries to install it - they gets signature mismatch

Solution : User needs to uninstall old apk and then he / she can install the latest [ new ] apk else he/she can not install the new apk.

Error : App conflicts + Signature error

Help : How to avaoid this thus users can install and update the app right away by installing the new version?

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    NOT sure anyone yet no replied but

    the fix is --

    USE SAME KEYSTORE FILE for all apk release of that kind of app all the time ...You will not get any signature or app not installed issue at all!!


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