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Binding references to another binding project.

I am working on xamarin bindings for some ios sdks.
I have created the binding projects for the sdks, and one of the sdks has references to another sdk. When the bindings are created using sharpie tool, the binding definition for those properties or functions that refer the other sdk are missing. I have added the missing declarations, however, don't seem to understand which of the following options is correct:
1. Add the binding project of the sdk being referred(if so , then how can i refer one binding project to other).
2. Add the ios sdk under native references in the binding project.
3. Add the sdk as nuget package in the binding project.

Also, the sdk uses amazon cognito service, but they are not included in the umbrella header file of the sdk framework which was used to create bindings. Do i need to create bindings for the amazon service and add its reference to binding project?

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