error : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid Region.Op -only INTERSECT and DIFFRENCE

We have a Xamarin android application where we have used Radcalendarview(Telerik Calendar for Xamarin android).It has been working smoothly upto android 8(api 27).
Now in android 9(api28), when we tap on inline event,the app crashes.
while debugging we found out, it is giving error 'Invalid Region Op -only INTERSECT and DIFFRENCE are allowed'.

code sample:

RadCalendarView calendarView = crmCalendarLayout.FindViewById(Resource.Id.calendarView);

calendarView.EventsDisplayMode = EventsDisplayMode.Inline;

Now , what is surprising, that if I set ,
calendarView.EventsDisplayMode = EventsDisplayMode.Popup;

Then it is working.
Below we have given device log for reference.

Badly Stuck , please help.

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