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Using JsonConvert.DeserializeObject

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    Make a class

    using System.Runtime.Serialization;
    class ServerRespose {
    [DataMember(Name="AuthResponse", EmitDefaultValue=false)]
     public bool AuthResponse { get; set; }
    [DataMember(Name="months", EmitDefaultValue=false)]
     public int ContactID { get; set; }

    Code For deserialization

     public static T Deserialize<T>(string json)
                return JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<T>(json);

    Now get Respose & cast it to class

     var obj =  Deserialize<ServerRespose>(response);
  • KevinMcCarthyKevinMcCarthy USMember ✭✭


    Newtonsoft.Json.JsonSerializationException: 'Error converting value "{"AuthResponse":true,"ContactID":9999}" to type 'USM.Model'. Path ''

    Yet if I hard code the JSON string in, it deserializes it fine! It's like Xamarin doesn't like my JSON!
    I have tested my JSON response from POSTMAN to the online testing tools.

    Thanks in advanced!

  • tareqelzoubitareqelzoubi Member ✭✭

    could u please show me you JSON response body

  • soufianemarlysoufianemarly Member ✭✭
    edited February 11

    try this it works

                var answer = httpClient.GetAsync(URL).Result;
                var lienyear = await answer.Content.ReadAsStringAsync();
                JObject result = JObject.Parse(lienyear);
        Console.WriteLine("result "+ result);

    Can you share your JSON Response if the problem still occur :smile:

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