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Desktop application with task

KlomaxKlomax Member

I would like to make a small desktop application/software. The application has to launch a small window every morning and ask a question and send the answer to the server via API.
The question must always be retrieved via API, so before leaving, the window makes a call to the server that sends the question.
If it were possible, I would like to create an application that is cross-platform, therefore Windows and Mac and and Mobile if it were possible too.
My knowledge is mainly web with c # although lately I have done some small desktop thing, so this small project I need both to study something new and to expand my knowledge with API calls.
Wanting to do something web/browser I wonder how I can create a task on the various operating systems task until every morning at a certain time or when the operating system starts this window appears.
So the first question, is what technology to use you can do something web or I have to work with a desktop language, I seem to have understood that with Xamarin I can create an application that is cross-platform.
The last solution for you is correct?
Are there web solutions that I can use or do you have anything else to suggest?

Thank you

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