No data while Reading Data from weight machine in RS-232 Serial Port Communication in xamarin.forms

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Hi , i am trying to read data from weigh machine using RS-232 serial port communication in xamarin.forms .While reading data i am getting null data , can any one help me out of this
Here is my code,
// Getting port open here
if (srport != null)
if (srport.IsOpen)
srport = new SerialPort("COM1", 9600,Parity.None,8,StopBits.One);
var str =srport.Open();
if (srport.IsOpen)
srport.ReadTimeout = 5000;

// Reading Data here
public string ReadData()
byte tmpByte;
string rxString ="";
string lineReadIn="";

            while (srport.BytesToRead > 0)
                lineReadIn += srport.ReadExisting();
          return lineReadIn;

Thankyou in advance

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