How to change Page if i clicked popup button.

sjinsjin Member ✭✭

i want to make a Register page after Confirmation page.

if i did not click Confirmation page, I cannot register my information.

if i clicked confirmation page or button, i can created my Account.


if (clicked confimation page)

i can Created and move next page.

public void confirmationpage(Eventarg)



  • LeonLuLeonLu Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Do you want to achieve the result like this GIF.

    If so, When you click the Comfirm Button, your Confirm_Procedure event could be setted like following code.

        private async void Confirm_Procedure(object sender, EventArgs e)
            //Get your account information
          var myAccount=  MyAccount.Text;
          var myPassword=MyPassword.Text;
            //transfer you account information to your server or database.
            //close this page
            await Navigation.PopPopupAsync();
            //open a new Page.
            await Navigation.PushPopupAsync(new NextPage(myAccount));

    You can get the info in the Register page, to save your account information to your server or database. Then you can close this page, open a new Page.

    Here is my demo.

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