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Hello I'm new in xamarin form and learning xamarin forms. Please guide me if there is any easy way to integrate braintree in xamarin form. i am following this project ( settled keys like public/pvt key which i got from sandbox account but i got stuck when i start and click add payment method it gave me errors in

after crossing below row i got error!

this is the error



  • tumsay na ho paye ga

  • DanyDany Member

    @syedfahadtanveer said:
    tumsay na ho paye ga

    what ? :#

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    If you want to navigate to a new activity, try to create a new Intent like what you have done in the ShowDropIn method:

    Intent intent = new Intent(this, typeof(SecondActivity));
    StartActivityForResult(intent, DROP_IN_REQUEST);

    Point out where you want to go in this intent (Replace the SecondActivity as you want).
    And if you want to stay in the current activity, try to remove this navigation code.

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