Could not load file or assembly System.Private.corelib.

RhysWilliams647RhysWilliams647 Member
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Using visual studio 2019 I went to create a new xamarin forms application. Selected android, iOS and uwp empty project and clicked create.

Once ready built the project but receive error

Loading assembly ... failed. could not load file or assembly 'system.private.corelib, version, culture=neutral,publickeytoken=7cec85d7bea7798e'

Updated Microsoft.netcore.universalwindowsplatform to 6.2.9 and xamarin.forms to v4.4.0.991477 without any luck.

Googled error message, followed advice cleaned project, closed ide, deleted bin and obj folders, restarted ide and built project but same error.

Please can someone advise.

Much appreciated.

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  • ColeXColeX Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    It looks like the issue with adding UWP part into project .

    Could you try to create a blank project without UWP to see if problem persists ?

  • RhysWilliams647RhysWilliams647 Member
    Accepted Answer
    Issue was because I hadn't installed universal Windows platform development workload, only mobile development with .net.
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