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APK Signer V1 & V2

Franck_SDEAFranck_SDEA Member ✭✭

Hi devs !

Is it possible to sign an APK with v1 AND v2 with apk-signer ?

My command line is:
apksigner sign --v1-signing-enabled true --v2-signing-enabled true --ks myKeyStore.jks

C:\KeysStores>apksigner verify --verbose Verifies Verified using v1 scheme (JAR signing): false Verified using v2 scheme (APK Signature Scheme v2): true Number of signers: 1

My problem is that my application signer v1 with Visual Studio launch and works normaly but is it not compatible with our company internal store (mobile iron). If I sign with my own keystore generated with keytool and sha256 RSA algorithm, the APK is signed V2 and compatible with mobile iron but application crash on Android smartphone.

all ideas will be welcome because it starts to be very urgent.

In advance,, thx !!! :blush:

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