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I need to automate a login page which is launched on chrome, before I get to my Xamarin app. Has anyone done a mixed solution for automating their Xamarin App? We use Xamarin UI test for automating the actual app. However the challenge I am facing here is the fact that the login page is not a Xamarin app.



  • Hi @Mautomation . I am facing this issue too . Did you solve this problem ?
    I need to launch as a first to mobile app and when I do some process, I need to login to app on webview. I launched the app and did some process, and then, I couldn't handle to send key to text box which is on web view.

  • MautomationMautomation Member
    edited January 20

    @tutkuayavefe , my scenario is to launch chrome and the okta page to login before I launch the mobile app and I haven't been able to find the solution for it yet. I'd like to know if there is a way to launch the chrome browser using the same framework (xamarin UI test - nUnit and c#) or do I need to include appium here and if so, how?

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