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eCommerce Application - Xamarin Forms (Android & iOS)

DellyShop eCommerce Application - Xamarin Forms (Android & iOS)

DellyShop is an e-commerce mobile application. The design was written with Xaml code. The purpose of the application is to save dozens of hours spent on design and coding, so the time spent on design and coding will be spent at the back end. The application is not just about XAML code, the Xaml code is full of logical architecture behind it. Simple and beautiful template structure, CustomRenderers, CustomViews, MVVM architecture design includes. DellyShop has a clear design and infrastructure. The application contains a very well designed design structure and descriptive codes. DellyShop supports all language structures, regardless of RTL or LTR. Arabic and English language structure.

Application Features

  • Simple and minimalist design.
  • Cross Platform. Save time developing for multiple devices with this template!
  • Custom Controls.
  • Custom Views.
  • Super Animations.
  • Fast and smooth design that does not affect performance.
  • Easy and readable Xaml codes.
  • Dynamic Pages.
  • Custom Renderers.
  • Partial Views.
  • Support RTL Language.
  • Support Dark Mode.
  • HD icons with FontIcon.
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