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Running Xamarin.Forms as one single activity vs. performance/design

ludwoludwo USMember

The new concept Xamarin.Forms which further claims to simplify the user interface development where there is no longer necessary to create user interface per device is very attractive. However it is important to notice that in the Android this would run as single activity (on Android).

Are there any design/performance issues with Xamarin.Forms as it is running in one single activity?

I noticed design discussion on SO android-what-is-better-multiple-activities-or-switching-views-manually where using one single activity is not recommended.

Is it still the case in Xamarin.Forms point of view? Are there any memory management or any performance improvements included in the Xamarin.Forms implementation?

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  • What about having lists of RelativeLayout with many elements using Constraints inside?

  • nbevansnbevans USMember ✭✭✭

    RelativeLayout's are pretty much as performant as you can get from what I've experienced in XF. (I haven't used AbsoluteLayout yet but it has far fewer use cases so I guess that's why).

    While RelativeLayout's require quite a bit of thought to write all the constraints, and often dozens of iterations to get them "just right", I like them. I am gradually creating a suite of useful functions in F# to remove some of the burden of RelativeLayout constraints.

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