Getting data from any sound currently playing on an android device?

mtsABCmtsABC Member ✭✭
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I am interested to get any sound currently playing on a mobile device, even if it is not playing using the app. Is it possible to monitor the speakers, and get data directly before they play that sound? Like when you plug in the headphones and the speaker stops, but android sends the data to the headset, no matter, where it is playing. If it is, what would be the code?

I did look at this, but this should get only if it is playing or not, and not actuall song data.


  • aga913aga913 Member ✭✭

    you mean how to get the internal sound right ? not just using the mic to record whatever is out there ?
    i'm not an expert on this topic but as far as i know those kind of apps needs a rooted device
    since this is protected from spying and privacy violation...

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