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What happens to my classes in my "shared project" when app is breaked on Android? [Xamarin.Forms]

AndresQuiValAndresQuiVal Member ✭✭
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I have been trying to imlement in my app a way to run some task when app is "closed" or "breaked", I have created a BroadcastReceiverto do this, but I have notice something that could be logical. In my Broadcast receiver I am using classes from my shared project or PCL, but when app is breaked I have noticed that the only class that still exists is the BroadcastReceiver one, so when I do call a class that is in my shared project in my broadcast it gives me an error, I have conclude this beacuse when my app hasn't been breaked the execution to call the classes of the shared project is OK, but when breaked... not,
I have two questions for this problem:
1) Is my theory correct?
2) If is correct (or not) how can I call from my BroadcastReceiver classes that are in my shared project when the app is breaked?

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