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Simulator doesn't show up

AhsnnAhsnn Member ✭✭

I am using a remote mac for deploying the Xamarin.Forms iOS applicaiton. It was working good until I upgraded the Xcode to 11.3.
From then, when I start debugging or deploying the iOS application from Visual Studio in Windows, it shows that simulator has started debugging the app but no simulator shows up in the Mac


  • ColeXColeX Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Some suggestions :

    • Upgrade everything to the latest (VS for mac , VS for windows , XCode ).

    • Restart PC and visual studio .

    • Delete bin and obj folder on windows side.

    • Reconnect mac agent .

    • Clean and rebuild .

    • Change simulator(iPhone X e,g)

    • Disable remote simulator to Windows (Tools - Options - Xamarin - iOS Settings)

    If problem persists , attach your build log here (Help - Xamarin - Open Logs).

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