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TimeZoneInfo.TransitionTime has wrong IsFixedDateRule value

I am trying to get the rules for if/when DST (daylight saving time) occurs for a time zone. From a TimeZoneInfo I can get all the AdjustmentRules which have a DayLightTransitionStart and DayLightTransitionEnd. Each of these properties have information when DST starts and when it ends. The IsFixeDateRule is a bool saying if it happens on a specific date or a floating date (for example last Monday in March). When I try this the IsFixedDateRule property is true for all AdjustmentRules in all TimeZones and I know that this is not the case.

From Microsoft's documentation about system.timezoneinfo.adjustmentrule (I cannot post a link yet) they have an example where they show that most values are not IsFixedDateRule. Does this has something to do with which system it is being run on? I get the correct dates when DST is happening, it's just that the IsFixedDateRule is wrong.

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