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Obfuscation and Linking causing an error

I have been deploying an app with the Linking set to "Sdk Assemblies Only" to the Google & Apple stores for testing by users successfully, with a noticeable drop in the app size when compared to the unlinked version.

I have started looking at adding Obfuscation (currently just on the Android version of the app) and have purchased a license for BabelFor.Net. The obfuscation works great when I set Linking to "None", but as soon as I try to use both I get the following error:-

I know that the DataAnnotations file is a "nice to have" and I have tried removing it, but then I get a similar error reported on the creation of DBSets using Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Sqlite.

I have added the associated assemblies to both the "Skip linking assembles" option and within a link description xml attached to the Android project but still get the error.

Has anyone had a similar issue when using obfuscation with linking and managed to resolve it?

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