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Xamarin 4 Carousel view containing a List view (freezing / lagging) in the list view content render.

Using the xamrain forms core provided implementation of carouselview.
I have a carousel view that contains a grid with some data and a ListView.
when I swipe the carouselview I can see a lag freeze in the data template that the list view is trying to render.
I can only see this when deploying to an Android device. On IOS it is running really good.
Something else I am seeing on the Android device is if I go to an index in the carouselview that contains the listview it is slowly making its way to that index. IOS again runs good.

I just pulled out the xaml for the 2 views I'm talking about .

              CarouselView x:Name="name"
                            ItemsSource="{Binding source}"
                            PeekAreaInsets="{OnPlatform iOS='0,0,50,0', Android='50'}"
                            Position="{Binding Position}"
                            IsScrollAnimated ="False"

             ListView x:Name="name" Grid.Row="1" Grid.Column="0" Grid.ColumnSpan="8"
                                                                           ItemsSource="{Binding source}"
                                                                           ItemTemplate="{StaticResource tempalte}"

Thanks for any help

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  • MuhiMuhi Member ✭✭

    Thanks for the quick response. I can see that your posted example runs smoothly.
    I will try and come up with an example of what I'm seeing. I can't use the current app as I'm hitting backend service calls ..etc.

  • MuhiMuhi Member ✭✭

    Yes I looked in to that I checked to see that I was working with 100% cached data.

  • MuhiMuhi Member ✭✭

    Yes that is what I'm seeing right now. I have stoped looking at it for a min. Working on some other stuff in the app. I will give an update once I get back to it.

  • MuhiMuhi Member ✭✭

    So I stared over and as I was going over the layout of my template I found out that I miss matched a grid row. I fixed that and it looks like the example you posted now when swiping.
    Grrrrr.... there was no indicator that I missed it in xaml and like I said IOS just worked.

    Any way thanks for the help.

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