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Displaying a Black Screen after appearing of Splash Screen in iOS 13.2 and above versions

Below are the details used in Visual Studio 2019
1. Visual Studi 2019 Version - 16.3.10
2. Xamarin.iOS Version -
3. Xamarin Forms Version -
4. XCode Version - 11.2.1
5. MVVM Cross Version - 6.4.0

When trying to build iOS in version 13.2 using MVVMCross plugin with all the above versions getting a black screen after the appearance of Splash Screen.
Would any help out on this

Thanks in advance



  • bakerct90bakerct90 Member ✭✭

    I'm having a similar issue. What's being displayed on the output? I'm getting the following message:

    (MvxForms) Showing of native host View in Forms is not supported.

  • bakerct90bakerct90 Member ✭✭

    I solved my issues. I had to do with something in my info.plist that wasn't supposed to be there. The Xamarin GUI for info.plist is a bit buggy. I'd try to overwrite it with a default one from a fresh project and go from there.

  • ZenDroidZenDroid USMember ✭✭✭

    @bakerct90 thank you. I have this bug. Cause - Xamarin GUI for info.plist. I restore to old version my info.plist - this is work.

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