Is it possible to show a Crystal Reports on Xamarin?

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Hello there!

Right now, my apps can show some reports in PDF format: I have a WebApi call that opens a Crystal Report, populate it with updated data, save as PDF, and put it on a shared folder to see it using that popular javascript web viewer through a WebView on the App.

But our customer wants to watch the Crystal Report itself, because it has navigation (sub-reports, line details data...), so PDF is not good enough.
Asking to our SAP expert, he said that there is a lot of plugins to see Crystals on PC and mobile phones, so it can be easy to find a plugin or something to put a report in our APP. So I was looking for some examples or info, and I only found how to do on VS with C#, but no clue on how to show on a Xamarin page or how to open it on a third-party APP (if any).

Could you give me some advices, point me on the right direction or a link to a blog or something to do that? Or what the customer/expert wants is impossible right now?

Thank you.


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    Unless SAP have written an native viewer for iOS & Android it seems unlikely, I don't think there is an rpt viewer. The fact your asking here suggests you SAP consultant give you less than helpful advice (nothing new there).

    PDF route is the usual approach, for sub-report that require interactivity, maybe implement the report in a webpage and embed that page in a webview (not sure what security concerns would arise from that approach).

    Crystal sucks.

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    Thank you for your answer.

    First of all, I must say that I had to put "expert" into quotes, because he's not a SAP consultant, but a workmate that has a lot of experience with SAP :D

    That said, I only found some official libraries to work with Crystal, as usual, and they come with some viewer functions, but they work only on VS forms (as far as I could understand). Also, I found an Eclipse plugin:
    So it looks like it's possible to show a report on a Java program. That means, if I can get the libraries, can I use them in the Android Project to show the report? I think this is way beyond my knowledge, but if I have to implement it, I have to try, so first I need to know if is it possible.

    Epic post closing :D:D:D

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