VirtualBox conflict issue with Hyper-V when trying to use macOS in virtual operating system

I'm a developer working with Xamarin on cross-platform technologies. My operating system is Win10 Pro. In my applications, I used my local machine as a running environment of UWP; and this works perfectly. I can use Visual Studio Emulator as a running environment of Android; samely this works perfectly. However, I cannot use iOS remote simulators in my virtual operating system. Until now, I have been connecting to remote iOS simulators, but in terms of cost and time, I decided to install virtual macOS on my computer.
According to my research, it can not be used macOS loaded on my virtual machine due to conflicting Hyper-V and VirtualBox. If I turned off Hyper-V, my all settings be removed and I cannot run an Android simulator in Visual Studio. If I turned on Hyper-V I cannot install macOS on my virtual machine despite of running Android. How can I solve this conflicting?
Here is my virtual machine installing macOS error in VirtualBox:

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