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Cloud Storage or Server for free

NeidennXNeidennX Member ✭✭✭

Hello guys, hope everyone is good!!

I have a quick question, right now i'm using Azure Cloud to store the server, the database and the resource group for the app that i' developing that contains an API, but the bill got to high! and sadly i'm not able to pay it anymore, so by any chance do you guys know another place/website that i could use in order to store this information and continue with the develop of the app? if you know any free ones will be great as well!



  • batmacibatmaci DEMember ✭✭✭✭✭

    I have missed your question earlier. it is maybe a bit late answer but i can give you trick.

    • use file storage as Firebase. it is mostly free. Azure doesnt have free usage for file storage.
    • Regarding database, you have 3 free options. I have evaluted earlier all 3.

      • Azure Sql: 2 Gb $4.90, 250Gb $14 (it was 12 before looks like Microsoft increased the price). this is the best option, 250 gb is fair enough for a middle size app. (Best choice)
        -DynamoDB Aws: 50gb is free but be careful with calculation because amazon charges you by bandwith and transactions. and 50gb can fill up so quickly as it is NoSql Database.
        • Firebase: too less free usage. i didnt even test it too long.
    • Appservices are free if you dont need a custom domain. you can use webservices for free if you dont need high transaction rate.

    • Web app: You probably need a website for your app. This costs you around 12 euro for a simple webapp with custom domain. But if you create a static website and host in Azure file storage, it will be very cheap. You can try to host on Firebase for free also but I am not sure if that works.

    What else do you pay and want to spare?

  • NeidennXNeidennX Member ✭✭✭

    Oh hi, so just to be sure of it you don't recommend me Firebase to do the whole thing? the app is a pretty basic one, only needs to store like people's information and stuff like that, no images or anything (for the moment) i was using Azure for the DB and the API but someone recommended me Firebase and now with what you just told me idk if i should fully use Firebase.


  • batmacibatmaci DEMember ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited February 20

    Firebase is great but it doesnt offer free usage as much as Amazon DynamoDB. You have to make your plan if you grow in the future. If you want to go for free always and you think that you will not reach big requirement

    • Go for Amazon DynamoDb or Firebase.

    if you think that you will need more than 1gb database size in the future, you can use Firebase. But dont forget 4gb size costs 15$ on firebase. for 14$ you get 250gb in Azure.

    Migrating from one to another is also not easy step. I started with Amazon DynamoDB, it offers 25gb free size, you think that it is cool, it will be forever enough but you pay for transactions and NoSql database size grows fast.

    my Ranking is if price matters -> Azure, Amazon, Firebase
    if performance and speed to develop matter -> Firebase, Amazon, Azure

    Azure is also fast and easy to develop if you use Azure functions instead of Azure Web api but it will add you additional costs.

  • NeidennXNeidennX Member ✭✭✭

    Ok ok, i'm kinda new in this so can you explain me what you mean when you say that i pay for "transactions"?, that means that every time that i insert something in the DB i'm gonna get charged ??

  • batmacibatmaci DEMember ✭✭✭✭✭

    @NeidennX said:
    Ok ok, i'm kinda new in this so can you explain me what you mean when you say that i pay for "transactions"?, that means that every time that i insert something in the DB i'm gonna get charged ??

    yes true and also aws charges by how big is your data by KB. there is aws price calculator. you can see it. I think firebase and azure has similar calculators

  • batmacibatmaci DEMember ✭✭✭✭✭

    I was looking into Docker solution here. It could be also cheaper to host with docker. I made a basic calculation and it seems like docker is cheaper than azure web apps.

  • NeidennXNeidennX Member ✭✭✭
    Ok perfect, thank you so much, i think that i need a place that charge me monthly but no for transactions because while developing i have to test a lot the inserts and stuff like that so at the end it will be expensive if i get charged lime tjat, the weird thing is that one of my friends is using Firebase and he tells me that he has never paid anything
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