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Visual Studio debugging async Tasks not working properly

I'm having trouble debugging nested Tasks in VS for Mac on a Xamarin.Forms app. When I debug on a physical device, stepping through code in a nested, awaited Task (async method awaiting another async method), step through simply continues normal execution, not hitting the next line. Watch and other debugging aids also do not work. Hovering above a field just displays:
An object reference is required for the non-static field, method, or property '(...fieldname...)'.

I found this old thread describing a somehow related problem, but there seems to be no solution yet. My linker settings for debug are "Don't Link". Debugging on an iPhone 6s with iOS 13. I don't face those problems when debugging on a simulator.
I encounter this problem on two independent MacBooks with vs for mac (work mac and my private one, also different projects).
All other project settings apart from the linker behaviour are standard.

Anyone else facing this issue?

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