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Visual Studio Mac - no debugging within dependency services


since a few weeks it is no longer possible to debug into source code which is part of a dependency. The dependency is within the iOS project, which is part of a multiplatform solution with a generic part, and platform specific projects for Android, iOS and UWP (only supported in VS-Win).
When I set a breakpoint within the iOS project it just show deactivated, also it doesn't stop at it. Setting it programmatically via Debugger.Break() stops the execution, anyways it just shows that no sourcecode is available. Debug configuration is working, a breakpoint within the generic part work as expected.

Could you pls. help me further?



  • JasonixDevJasonixDev Member ✭✭

    Did you installed all updates for XCode and VS?

  • arno1207arno1207 Member

    Yes of course I did... this seems to be part of the problem.
    Every update is a new adventure....


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