How to get tab index of Telerik TabView?

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Hi everybody, wish you get healthy!
I'm working with Telerik TabView
I don't see event SelectionChanged, I saw a guide here telerik forum
Now I need get the current tab index.
I have try to custom like this
`public class CrossRadTabView : RadTabView, IDisposable
public event EventHandler OnSelectionChanged;
public CrossRadTabView()
this.PropertyChanged += CrossRadTabViewSelectionChanged;

    private void CrossRadTabViewSelectionChanged(object sender, PropertyChangedEventArgs e)
        if (e.PropertyName == "SelectedItem")
            Debug.WriteLine("TabView Property: " + e.PropertyName);
            OnSelectionChanged?.Invoke(this, new SelectionChangedEventArgs(e.Index, e.Name));

    public void Dispose()
        this.PropertyChanged -= CrossRadTabViewSelectionChanged;

public class SelectionChangedEventArgs : EventArgs
    public SelectionChangedEventArgs(int index, string name)
        this.Index = index;
        this.Name = name;

    /// <summary>Gets the value of selected index.</summary>
    public int Index { get; internal set; }

    /// <summary>Gets or sets the name.</summary>
    /// <value>The name.</value>
    public string Name { get; internal set; }

But PropertyChangedEventArgs don't have Index and Name
If you have a best way to get current Tab index, please suggest me!
Thank you!

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