How to get a file on phone for Xamarin iOS UITest?

I develop a xamarin forms application that get a file in phone and upload it to a remote server. And I wrote a uitest for this app. But I can't upload a file in uitest because I didn't reach a file path in ios. I upload a few file in my icloud and I tried to get this file through CrossFilePicker and I saw file path changed when I build app.
For example: /Users/Name/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/248CF0KK-7C2B-4564-86PE-F3F733D8FB52/data/Containers/Data/Application/2DC138D7-8221-4789-A9CA-11EFCCA87E6C/tmp/com.myapp.iOS-Inbox/Remember.txt

Application id(2DC138D7-8221-4789-A9CA-11EFCCA87E6C) always change when I build app.
I tried to access with UbiquityContainer like this url:
I access to icloud but I guess it is special container for my app. I want to access general icloud container.
How to get a file for uitest from ios phone?

Please help me.

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