How to request controls for future update?

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I'm looking at "almost-there" feature in XF that would exactly meet my needs if it was offered only slightly differently. Instead of Page hosted, I need both CarouselPage and TabbedPage to be View hosted and for their .Title properties to allow for some basic styling (font size, face, color, etc), like a <TitleTemplate/>. I've tried jumping off the deep end in CustomRenderer, but there's nothing to inherit from for this kind of View (like a PanningControl or something). Honestly, the current Page version of these controls have Bindings set up and ready to go and they're perfect in almost every way, except that they are pages instead of controls.

The compelling reason to have these as controls instead of just Pages is that often there needs to be a bit more on a page than just the Carousel and Tabbed - things above or below it or both. For example, some kind of paging date like "Picture 1 of 7", especially in the case of Tabs/Pivots that run off the screen. Or pips (I believe they are called that - the little round or square buttons you often see at the bottom of a screen, like in Angry Birds). If you're building one of these controls via an ObservableCollection, if you remove a so-called Page from within it, that meta-info can now change, like "Picture 1 of 6". In some cases, you'll want to put a command of Back/Next button in a Toolbar/ActionBar, but sometimes you may want that on page.

So back to the question, is there a formal way to request something in an upcoming version of XF?


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    What you are doing is fine. If you can do me a favor and try to break down your feature requests into 1/2 sentence blurbs for each feature I can then add them to our bug tracker (we use it to track features too).

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    Thanks @JasonASmith‌. See below:

    Other questions/requests similar to this:


    1. **Allow for TabbedPage to be TabbedView**
    2. **Allow for CarouselPage to CarouselView**
    3. **In CarouselView/Page on WP8, respect child page titles** (currently Xamarin CarouselPage doesn't show PanoramaItem titles)
    4. **Navigation to Tabs on TabbedView should be** **a)** Default (like how it is today), **b)** Custom (developer controls what "tabs" look like), **c)** Default + Custom (standard views exist, dev can add another "tabbing" mechanism as well, or **d)** Default or Custom + PivotSlide (like as was requested on
    5. **Be able to edit the styles of Tabs** (like color, background, fontsize, etc.)
    6. **TabbedView or CarouselView should be full screen** (like if they are the only element in a Grid or StackLayout) if nothing else is on the page (currently on WP, if you don't set a title on a CarouselPage, the "control" of Panorama doesn't occupy the full page).

    Note that Documentation guidance is also requested on maintaining good performance per platform (I know on WP, the recommendation is no more than 4 PanoramaItems or 7 PivotItems [unless you're using lazy loading]).

    Sorry, that was a mouthful.

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    Thank you I have filed the feature request for each of these. CarouselView is in the works already, TabbedView probably wont happen. Well actually here...

    1) Probably wont happen

    2) Probably will happen

    3) Probably will happen in some fashion

    4) Probably not for a while, pretty advanced desire

    5) Probably will happen

    6) Thats just part of making them and defaulting their options to FillAndExpand

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    Thanks Jason, much appreciated. Just a little more on #1 - there seems to be a lot of different types of requests on this, like having an AppStore TabbedView (which is essentially page, Grid.Row="0" = some text/image content, Grid.Row="1" = TabbedView).

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