Writing to the Application Bundle

I'm in the process or porting my XNA game to Mac using MonoGame. On the Windows side I've written an updater that overwrites the game's files in Program Files (launching a second updating only copy with admin rights). I want to do the same on OSX but the Application Bundle is read only (reasonably) and I have no idea how to "elevate" the program to have permissions and how to send a MonoMac/Xamarin.Mac application command line arguments (which I use to tell it that it's updating only). I'm open to doing this another way as well but I can't think of any.


  • SebastienPouliotSebastienPouliot CAXamarin Team Xamurai

    I have not used it myself but it's Sparkle has been discussed a few times (here or on the old mailing-list) and seems a perfect fit for what you want (without learning all the details about application install/update on OSX).

  • shmuelieshmuelie USMember

    Looks interesting but weirdly seems over kill (even more so since I know my updating logic works except for the permissions part) and I'm not sure how to use it with MonoMac

  • shmuelieshmuelie USMember

    Also the other problem with using Sparkle is that I will then have two updating system, somewhat defeating the reason for using Xamarin.Mac (to minimize difference between platforms)

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